Mark Farner Nrg Band created a thunderstorm onboard the Silja Rock cruise ship. Unfortunately, I was not there. But many of my friends and contributors where present. They have promised to send me pics, stories, clips and reviews of the concert.....soon.....very soon.

The first report says: Mark spent a generous amount of time with his fans, both onbord and in the city of Stockholm. Mark was interviewed by the Classic Rock Station 106.7.....we are hunting that tape....(live on the webradio aswell!)...anybody heard that?
The concert was a KILLER! Dick Drott introduced Mark on the stage.....and more to come.....this is going to be a very exciting section....

>Are you ready.
>Time machine.
>Sin's a good mans brother.
>Rock & roll soul.
>Nothing is the same.
>We're an american band.
>Love from above.
>Mean mistreater.
>Into the sun.
>The railroad.
>The loco-motion.
>Some kind of wonderful.
>Drum solo ( starts with the drum intro from Mark say's alright and then
they all starts playing percussion).
>Inside looking out.
>I`m your captain. (and here the Funkman had tears in his eyes, believe me,
this was larger than life itself)

SWEDISH Promotor:
Thank you Mark for a breathtaking performance on Silja Rock!
It's been a pleasure and we are honoured of having you with us on our
cruise. Hope to see you again!
You were a fantastic CAPTAIN!!!

Magnus Scholander, Promotor off The Rock Cruise.

Anonymous: - The show was one of the best I've ever seen. Mark was overwhelmed with emotion in many moments throughout the 100 minutes they played.So much joy in the crowd and the songs were so intense,"Are you ready" made me cry and the tears Mark shed in "closer to home " were felt by everyone. I just wish I could do it again, and again. Thank you, thank you.....

Great Performance Saturday Night At The Silja Rock Cruise!!!!
Great setlist even though Mark did not play Footstompin' Music and In Need
it was the best show I've seen in my life!!!!
And a great thanks to Mr Dick Drott, who gave me a real overdose of coffee
and cool water  to keep me alive during Saturday Night!
The N´rG band is the coolest and most tight rock'n roll band I've ever seen
perform on a stage.
And Mark is a great character with a great concern about his fans alround
the world.

Farner and myself onboard.....

Best regards
Hjalle aka Mr Pretty Boy
Umeå, The North Of Sweden

>Hi David,
>Just got home after 6 days in Sweden (4 of them in the company with Mark
>and band).
>I arrived on wednesday and was picked up at the air port by my very good
>friend Dick Drott, he's been to the states to see GFR several times. In the
>evening another great friend Thomas Roos came by, we ate grilled steaks and
>had salad and drank beer, and after that I had a surprice for my friends, I
>had a video tape with GFR from Reno, Nevada. Aug. 2 - '97, my pals was blown
>away,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and more beer.
>Now, Dick and Thomas are very good friends with the man that got Farner to
>Sweden, so ofcourse, Dick, Thomas and I (the 3 amigos from now) was invited
>to a very nice dinner at a restaurant named GONDOLEN. We was introduced and
>was welcomed very warmly.
>Friday a sightseeing around Stockholm was to begin at 12, the 3 amigo's,
>Paul the keyboardplayer and Mark toured the city for about 2 and a half

>The cruise was to leave from Stockholm at 5, lots of music and more
>Saturday on the return from Helsinki to Stockholm Farner band was to play
>at 21:00, the 3 amigo's was invited to the soundcheck, great.
>Dick Drott introduced Mark and band and the place was rocking like a
>And then more beer.
>Sunday morning everyone was kind of lazy to start, the ship was in harbour
>at 9:30 in the morning.
>The 3 amigo's and Mark stayed late on the ship and had coffee, we then took
>a taxi to the hotel where we sat in the lobby for awhile. Then it was time
>for lunch, so Paul, Thomas Roos and I went to this nice little place, then
>Brad Gregory came (Mark's manager), Thomas left to do some business and
>then Mark came, so suddently there I was with these 3 yankees, very, very
>cooooooooool (btw. Mark payed for my meal). I left to leave them alone at
>least that was what I thought, Mark followed with me and we walked back to
>the hotel lobby and then the party started at this point we were about 12
>or 13 having the time of our lives, rounds was given all the time and Mark
>also bought rounds of Grand Maniere, and more beers. We told jokes, we
>talked music, I really had some good talking with Mark telling him about my
>GFR background, And then Paul said that we had to help him with all the
>booze in his room so up we went and more beers and vodka. Around midnight
>we went to a little club nearby, there was a weird band named NRQB played,
>Paul went along with us and more beers it was late now so we said goodbye
>knowing that this was the last time for now.
>I`m sure they will come back.
>Monday was packing time and to the air port and then home, now I'm sitting
>here with my head and body full of all these wonderful memories that no one
>can take away, that is nice to know. I also got so many new friends in
>Sweden, some of them I have only e-mailed with and never seen until this
>End for now, I am so tired and no more beers.
>Your pal,

This glorious day in Sweden

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