Mark Farner
Atlantic Records SD 1832

Mark Farner - Lead Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals
Phil Aaberg - Yamaha Piano & Organ, Synthesizers, Clavinet, String Ensebmle
Bob Rabbit - Bass
Bob Kulick - Guitar
Al Wotton - Drums
Jimmy Maelan - Percussion
Dick Wagner - Acoustic Guitar on "Lorraine, Background Vocals
Ricky Farner - Background Vocals
Dennis Bellinger - Background Vocals

Dear Miss Lucy
Street Fight
Easy Breezes
Social Disaster
He Let Me Love
You And Me Baby
Second Chance To Dance
Lady Luck
Ban The Man


No Frills
LP  Atlantic: SD 19196 (USA)

Mark Farner - Guitar, Piano, Clavinet, Lead & Background Vocals
Dennis Bellinger - Bass, Background Vocals
Andy Newman - Drums
Karen Lawrence - Background Vocals on "Just One Look"
Jimmy Iovine - Producer, Mixing
Shelly Yakus - Engineer, Mixing
Thom Panunzio - Engineer
John Tropea - Arranger: strings
Greg Calbi - Mastering
Frank Moscati - Photography
Bob Defrin - Art Direction
Sandi Young - Art Direction
Andy Cabaliere - Direction

He Sent Me You
If It Took All Day
When A Man Loves A Woman
Faith Keeps It Away
Crystal Eyes
Just One Look
All The Love You Give Me
Cool Water
Without You


Just Another Injustice
CD: Frontline: CD9033 (USA)

Mark Farner - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Co-Producer
Tim Heintz - Keyboards, Co-Producer
David Huff - Drums
David Koz - Sax
Phil Keaggy - Lead Guitar on "Airborne Ranger, Accoustic Guitar on "Give Me The Works"
Michael Hodge - Additional Guitar
Bill Baumgart - Producer, Engineer
Kirt "Sonic Maximizer" Shearer - Engineer
David Jansen - Engineer
Eric Kibbe - Assistant Engineer
Kirk Hansen - Assistant Engineer
Michael Seely - Photography
Jeff Foster - Wood Carving and Painting
Ed McTaggart - Art Direction

Airborne Ranger
Judgement Day Blues
Isn't It Amazing
Come To Jesus
Give Me The Works
An Emotional Look At Love
Workin' For The Winner
Just Another Injustice
The Writing On The Wall
Only You


Wake Up...
Frontline Records: CD09060 (USA)

Mark Farner - Vocals, Background Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Keyboards (5,11), Percussion (8,11), Producer
Mike Maple - Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion
Lawrence Buckner - Background Vocals, Bass
Michael Blair - Background Vocals, Keyboards
Arnie Vilches - Rhythm Guitar (5,6), Lead Guitar (4,6)
Gordon vanEkstrom - Rhythm Guitar (1), Lead Guitar (1)
Bradley Jones - Engineer
Don Pushies - Assistant Engineer
Dave Jahnsen - Assistant Engineer
David Dobson - Photography
Ed McTaggart - Art Direction

Wake Up...
Into The Light
New Age
Come To Me
In Your Sight
Upright Man
If It Wasn't For Grace
Love Power
Role Model
Like I Was Before


Some Kind Of Wonderful
Frontline Records: FLD9217 (USA)

Mark Farner - Lead Guitar, Lead & Background Vocals
Mike Maple - Drums,  Add. Background Vocals
Lawrence Buckner - Base, Add. Background Vocals, Add. Lead Vocals on "Some Kind Of Wonderful", Add. Background Vocals
Glen Pearce - Lead Guitar (1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10)
Arnaldo Vilches - Lead Guitar (6,8)
Bill Baumgart - Add. Background Vocals, Producer, Engineer
Jean McClain - Add. Background Vocals
Brandon Fields - Sax, Flute
David Jahnsen - Engineer, Mixing
Beth Jahnsen - Production Coordinator
Wayne Armstrong - Photography
Ed McTaggart - Art Direction & Design

Some Kind Of Wonderful
Love From Above
Without You
Not Yet
Attitude Of Gratitude
All The Way
With Me Anywhere
The Vision
Well Done


Closer To Home
Frontline Records: FLD9296 (USA)

Mark Farner - Lead Vocals (All), Background Vocals (1,3,5,6,8,10,11), Lead Guitar (4,7,12), Rhythm Guitar (4,7,9,12), Guitar (8,11), Percussion (8), Producer (6,8,11)
Mike Maple - Drums (1,2,3,5,6,8,10,11), Add. Background Vocals (1,3,5,6,8,10,11)
Lawrence Buckner - Base (1,3,5,6,8,10,11), Add. Lead Vocals (1), Add. Background Vocals (1,3,5,6,8,10,11)
Tim Heintz - Keyboards (1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10,12)
Glen Pearce - Lead Guitar (1,3,5,10)
Bill Baumgart - Add. Background Vocals (1,3,5,10), Producer
Jean McClain - Add. Background Vocals (1,3,5,10)
John Patitucci - Bass (2,4,7,9,12)
Kirt Shearer - Bass (2,4,7,9,12)
Bob Carlisle - Background Vocals (2,4,7,9,12)
David Huff - Drums (4,7,9,12)
Michael Blair - Keyboards (6,8,11), Background Vocals (6,8,11)
Gordon vanEkstrom - Guitar (6)
Phil Keaggy - Lead Guitar (9)
Brandon Fields - Sax (10)
Arnie Vilches - Lead Guitar (11)
Chris Elliott - Compiler
James L. Worthen - Compiler
David Jansen - Assembler
Brian Godawa - Art Direction
Joe Potter - Design
Michael Seely - Photography

Some Kind Of Wonderful
Come To Jesus
Without You
Judgement Day Blues
Not Yet
Wake Up
Isn't It Amazing
If It Wasn't For Grace
Airborne Ranger
Love From Above
Come To Me
Give Me The Works


RED, WHITE and BLUE forever!
1.Red white and blue
2.Airborne ranger
3.Closer to home
(acoustic version

Photo credit K.Stevens

The first guitar was a Messenger, the company that built it didn’t last
very long and it is said that only about 500 guitars were made. Mark’s
Messenger(s) had a built-in fuzztone, he played it until The E Pluribus
Funk tour in the fall of ’71. On that tour he played a white Gibson SG.
On The Phoenix tour he played a red Micro Fret. The American band
tour ‘73 and Shinin’ On tour ‘74 he played the silver Velano. The ‘75
All the girls...tour he played a Gibson Les Paul Recording (I think).
Later on, he played a Fender Stratocaster for quit some years including
The 80s Grand Funk tours. He then changed to Peavy, and from ‘97
reunion he has played Parker Fly.

Kim Hagemann