About lyrics:
- When I write a song - I´m just behind that son of a bitch 100 per cent. I mean, there´s no doubt in my mind whether it should go on disc that way. It´s going down that way an´it´s gonna be said. If anybody tried to fuck with my words, I´d just....

About "hype" & Terry Knight:
- If we were a hype it would have stopped at Atlanta, or have stopped when people said; "-Hey they can´t play, it´s a hype". If it´s a hype you can tell by what´s comin´outa bands. And Terry Knight didn´t create us, because it´s our original music, which  he had nothin´to do with at all, except to produce it - if you can call it producing.

About the future:
"If GRAND FUNK broke up tomorrow, I´d go back to my farm and be a farmer. I wouldn´t try to go out with nobody because there´s not that combination in the world. An´ I don´t have to have that elaborate amount of money because I don´t live that way. Like I told you, I´m getting to the point where I´m self-sufficient."

About environmental devastation:
"I cried when they strip-mined down in West Virginia, and they ruined all the trees an´the mountains an´the countryside. They jus´wentthrough ém, took all the coal and fuck everything else, y´know? At the price of our future which is the price of our childrens future, they´re just makin´money an´money an money an´money."

About his muscles:
The first time Mark had a satin pants fitting, he didn´t have his shirt on and the woman fitter looked at him and said:  - How do you get your chest like that?
- I shovel shit everyday!

ALL QUOTES FROM NME Apr 19 1975, Source: Kim Hagemann, Denmark