In Stores: August 15, 2006
Grand Funk Railroad: Greatest Hits (limited edition CD/DVD)
1.                 We’re An American Band (# 1 Pop)
2.                 Time Machine
3.                 Walk Like A Man (#19 Pop)
4.                 Some Kind Of Wonderful (# 3 Pop)
5.                 Shinin’ On (#11 Pop)
6.                 Heartbreaker
7.                 Rock & Roll Soul (#29 Pop)
8.                 The Loco-Motion (# 1 Pop)
9.                 Footstompin’ Music (#29 Pop)
10.               Mean Mistreater (live)
11.               Take Me
12.               Bad Time (# 4 Pop)
13.               I’m Your Captain/Closer To Home (#22 Pop)
14.               Inside Looking Out
DVD (all DVD contents previously unreleased. Approximate running time: 36:00)
• We’re An American Band  [original promo film - 1973]
• Inside Looking Out  [live on PBS’ "The Show," WITF-TV, Hershey, PA - November 1969]
• Some Kind Of Wonderful [live at The Palace, Auburn Hills, MI – April 20, 1997]
• We’re An American Band [live at The Palace, Auburn Hills, MI – April 20, 1997]
• I’m Your Captain  [live at Shea Stadium - July 9, 1971]

Picture taken at the WITF tv studios  In Hershey, PA in 1970 during their
appearance there for the tv show “The Show”

John Tsagas (contributor from Greece) wrote :

'Inside Looking Out’ was taped live in 1970 -probably in mid May-
at the WITF-TV studios in Hershey, PA for a television weekly show
called simply “The Show”.  It run only for 26 -hour long- episodes
but it was also broadcast on over 100! PBS TV stations in the USA.
Other successful performers also appeared on this show (Mountain,
Iron Butterfly, John Mayall, Bill Haley And The Comets, Kenny
Rogers, Youngbloods, James Taylor and more….)
At the show kids use to sit around in a -discussion- circle talking
about their youth problems and ongoing political issues…..
Along with the host there use to be a guest, many times a politician.
That was the time when Grand Funk & Terry Knight met the former
Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey (which later helped them with
the upcoming show for the troops in Schweinfurth, Germany in’71).
Iva Faxton displayed her musical satire in that particular episode.
The spectacular appearance of Grand Funk Railroad included two
(or three) live songs, one of which was the ‘Inside Looking Out’.
Another track was ‘Into The Sun’ that was scheduled to be included as
the 11th track in the Red remaster CD (something that never happened…)

John also contributes with a unique list of GFR and GFR-related appearences

NEW! Capitol Records released a new GFR "Greatest Hits"
collection on April 4. It includes 14 digitally remastered
songs, including "American Band."

Album cover from


NEW Digitally remastered  "Are you ready" from Texas Pop Festival 1969

NEW UNIQUE DOWNLOAD of the track "Black Brass" from Madison Garden 1972

NEW UNIQUE DOWNLOAD of the track "Mark say's alright" from Boston Gardens 1971


Richard Terrance Knight was discovered by officers responding to a disturbance call at about 10:30 p.m. Monday at the Chappell Hill Apartments at 3009 Ira Young in Temple.
Knight, 61, had been stabbed several times, police said.
Officers attempted to perform CPR, but were unable to save Knight's life.
A popular musician who had been out the business for several years, Knight first came to fame with "Terry Knight and The Pack". He later managed Grand Funk Railroad, but left after disputes with the band.
Band member Don Brewer told News 10 that he is "shocked" by Knights death.
"Terry was very instrumental in creating and marketing Grand Funk Railroad," Brewer said.
The two had not talked in more than 30 years.
Knight was born Richard Terrance Knapp April 9, 1943 in Flint, Michigan. He later changed his name and went by Terry Knight.
Knight lived in the apartment with his daughter and her boyfriend, Donald Alan Fair, 26, who is charged with the murder.