New Live Album Released!
July 13th - nr 62 on CDNOWS Top100


July 8th 2002
Arrived in my mailbox: GRAND FUNK LIVE - THE 1971 TOUR
- Man, this is outasight! You gotta hear these soundtracks….
Talk about vital performance….this is the ULTIMATE live
recording, all categories included.

- Now, did you really think that I would turn this record down?
Well, if it turned out to be like a B-side of the 1970 Live album  –
I sure would be disappointed. But it is not. It’s…it’s…(where the
f*ck is my dictionary…..) I mean, it’s OUTASIGHT!

Don is The Railroad….you can hear it. Mel is pumping and pumping
the bass….and Markie goes berserk with the strings. I don’t have to
review this one – it’s got to be experienced…..I cannot find anything
that's not cool on this disc. The sound is perfect, considering the fact
that it has been locked in for more than thirty years.

Don’t buy one – buy a whole stack!

JimmyK, the funkin’ webman this glorious day