Without the efforts and contributions of the die hard GFRfans -
my site would have been just nothing. Here comes another
great guy. His name is all over the pages  -  RickDC....

- I wonder where he keeps the complete Shea Stadium tape? :-)

Name; Richard D Cappetto

Nicknames; RickDC  Rick Funk Cappetto also Rick BC Funk.

Born; 1962 California USA -  Now live in Connecticut USA.

GFR fan since Jan 1970 was introduced to GFR by my cool older cousin Valerie,
Listened to On Time and Red Album the same day.
Been a HUGE fan ever since.

Favorite GFR Album; Survival

Favorite GFR song Tie; I'm Your Captain, I Can Feel Him In The Morning, Loneliness, Comfort Me and Still Wait'n.

Websites;  Yahoo! Groups : grandfunk2000    and

CommunityZero - "The Grand Funk Railroad 2000"


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