JimmyK - Webmaster 1970
One of the swedish rock writers went totally nuts when he recieved an email from "The fans of Sweden". He thought he was going to be asassinated or something......he feared for his life! He probably thought that we were some kind of motorcycle gang - ready to KILL,  if he wasn't going to give GFR good credits:-) EMI-Capitol Sweden, went crazy about the bombardment during "Stockholm Funkster Campaign" in late 1997. They recieved a lot of everything - even video - and cassette BOOTLEGS!!!
The King Carl XVI Gustaf has a copy of "Bosnia", thanks to the fans. It took 25 years before I could actually SEE my idols on moving pictures. Can you imagine that feeling? GFR visited Gothenburg in 1975 when I was drafted in the army, so I missed the opportunity to see them live.
I'm proud to present our humble cyberhome - Enjoy!

Uffe - Max - Halling - Roos 1971
A bunch of rockers from "Stockholm Underground", devoted to GFR.
All of them are members of the swedish fan section.

Example of "The Roos Campaign" on the south side
of Stockholm 1997.
Mr Roos is a real piece of confusion! He's distributing fan newsletters around Sweden.
And he is working real hard to spread the mission about GFR.....

Part of the Swedish GFR Section was gathered on the "Jackals Rock" in Stockholm for the annual Funkfest. An old tradition since many years. Unfortunately, webmaster himself couldn´t attend. But I´m proud to show you these fabulous pictures of the Funky Crowd.

The same crowd - several years back....

Mr Drott is very proud of his "Sold out Shea Stadium Teeshirt"
The sound of Grand Funk Railroad from a portable stereo was played all day long....