The radio station 106,7 Klassiska Hits recieved a Swedish GFR Award for playing a lot of GFR. One of the DJ:s is called DAVE NERGE, he's an american guy doing incredible TV commercials for CANON products
His program is called DAVE IN THE MORNINGS

Leif-Aake Josefsson, Aftonbladet (evening post) is recieving
an award from Dick Drott - Swedish Fan Section


SSM with Swedish eyes.
Date: November 8 1998 19:43
Hello everybody.
First of all I want to say thank you to all Roadkillers who was up in SSM and made that evening to one of the best parties we from Sweden have been to ever. I also want to thank Don Brewer for coming by and signed some pictures and chat a little to us in the bar, "Kuch" for helping us to get some nice souveniers and letting us know what had happened to Mark.

Everything started in Stockholm OCT 27 via London,England to Toronto. OCT29 we started our trip with a rented car to SSM and we slept one night in Espanola 3 hours drive from SSM. OCT 30 appr. 1.00 pm, we were standing in the reception of Kewadin Casino to check in. It was no problems at all until I asked the man behind the desk where we could find the tickets to the GFR shows. He just told us the shows was cancelled.  I said "No Hallowen jokes today please"
He checked it up again and said it was cancelled, we walked over to the Ticket Box and they said GFR cancelled the five next shows.

From now we understood what was happening so we needed to calm down and go up to the room, then we go down to the bar and I meet Kuch, Howard and two other guys and they tell us what was going on. I gave Howard his AWARD and handed over the rest of the AWARDS to one of the guys at the table. He will give them to Mark, Don, Mel and Sunny. I saw Jim and Liz G on a table together with Alex and said hello to them then I went on to  the bar and a beer. On my way I meet Don and he followed me there and said hello to the Swedish Funksters and in the bar we meet two more swedes who was also there to see GFR and they was from Stockholm too and they recogniced me and Mats for playing hockey in a team over here called HUDDINGE Hockey. Their names are Orwar and Pierre.

After a few minutes Roadkiller after Roadkiller dropped in to the bar and I want to say that everything I have read about Roadkillers and the friendship beetween everybody is exactly what it is all about. From now on all of you RK´s no one named and no one forgotten has a very big place in my heart and then started the real party and it was a GREAT one and FUN one and LOUD one that we all really needed to come over he fact that the shows was gone up in the air but the party was great with all songs and FUNKING all evening long.
The next morning my head was to small but we had brekfast and we said goodbye to everybody and started the drive to Toronto. NOV 5 we landed in Stockholm safe but we was tired. Then we said goodbye to each others and went home for a little "nap".

FUNK ON and Very Best Regards from Drotten, GFR Fan from Sweden.